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About the Basque Database (covering the period 1995- present)

The Basque Database was created at the Basque Studies Library at the University of Nevada, Reno with a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and additional support from the University Libraries and the Center for Basque Studies.


The database provides access to information about Basque topics written or produced after 1994. Core journals are indexed completely while other journal articles appear in the database when they fit the scope of the database. Formats included are articles, books, chapters of edited books, dissertations, and other publications. Also included are Basque-related videos and DVDs, musical recordings, maps, and other media. The database currently contains more than 18,000 records. Please use our Suggestions Form if you would like to recommend a resource for the Basque Database.

Full text

Whenever permission has been obtained, the database includes the full text of articles and papers. Approximately 10% of the indexed articles are available in their entirety through the database.


Basque topics that are well-covered in the database include


This Basque Database continues the work of Jon Bilbao (1914-1994), "The Father of Basque Bibliography." His 15-volume Eusko-Bibliographia covers all publications written by or about Basques through 1980, containing a half million citations. With a team of bibliographers, Bilbao continued indexing Basque works until his death in 1994. Although his later work was not published in book form, it has been made available through the Eusko Bibliographia database produced by the Biblioteca Foral, the Regional Library of Vizcaya. Older records from the printed bibliographies are being added to that database. The Basque Database of the University of Nevada, Reno updates the previous work.

Other Databases

Other Basque-related databases cover additional time periods and other publications:

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